Easter! Alleluia! The power of death has been defeated. The miracle of resurrection saves us.

The forty days of Lent has prepared us for the resurrection. It is not a fairy tale, though it is a puzzling story. Jesus has been crucified on a cross and buried in a tomb. Later his followers come to the tomb and find it empty.

Could it be that Jesus is saying, “I want to live in you.  I want to raise you from death to life, from fear to love, from sickness to health, from sin to wholeness!” The living Christ is within us, bringing us true happiness and security. Money, power, weapons, all pale by comparison.

Easter is an oddity in our culture, bigger than our biggest hopes that God’s unconditional love comes to embrace us.  It’s an oddity because it’s easy to get swept up with tragedies, such as the shooting of the seventeen year old African-American teenager, Trayvon Martin in Florida, or shootings right here in the Berkshires.  Fear, hate, suspicion, lead to shootings and killings.  Fear, hate and suspicions are what led to the killing of Jesus.   

We journey now through Holy Week. Palm Sunday will help us catch a glimpse of Jesus’ glory as he rides into Jerusalemon a donkey. On Maundy Thursday we remember Jesus’ Last Supper with his disciples before we strip the altar bare. On Good Friday we process through the town of Lenox carrying the Cross from the Church on the Hill toTrinityChurch. All this is necessary for the true meaning of Easter Sunday when we restore the altar and sing “Jesus Christ is Risen Today”!  Come behold the journey during Holy Week so that fear may turn to love and sorrow may be transformed to joy!                                                               

                                                                                                Pastor Natalie

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